In the financial year 2018-2019 Birnagar Municipality will complete its 150 years of establishment. The Chairperson of Birnagar Municipality has Planned some very remarkable decisions in various fields thinking about the upgradation of the Municipal area. Some of those have been completed already & the rest have been started & yet to come.

1. Public Services : All the public services like cleaning of roads , drainage , modern street lights (LED Lights instead of old street lights thinking about less Power Consumption and for its eco- friendly nature), solid waste collection , Drinking water through pipelines (3 * Water Reservoirs & )and disposal through Compactor is a regular routine of the municipality for giving the citizens a pollution free city.

2. Beautification : Seven Tower Lights have been constructed already & nine more are yet to be constructed which make the city shinning even at the night with a number of Statues (Statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose , Mahatma Gandhi , Swami Vivekananda , Dr. B.R.Ambedkar & more) at the junction points. Two Kms Mastic Road is being built also. Chairman is now planning to make the municipal water bodies into a clean pond & introducing boating into those to make those water bodies more attractive and beautiful.

3. In case of entertainment Birnagar Municipality is taking a eye-catching role now a days as we all know that a number of children parks have been constructed & some old parks have been remodeled , a picnic spot has been made thinking for the kids and senior citizens also.

4. A cultural hall is being built with all the modern facilities for communication and meeting purposes. Apart from that a variety of utsav , numerous Cultural Programme, tournaments can be shown in the municipal area .

5. A large number of self help group have been formed to encourage and to bring forward the people Specially Women lying in the Economically Weaker Section.

6. Birnagar already has a name in the page of history for some historical events and historical places. So , the authority has taken a bold step to make this city as a tourist spot by re-modelling its Architecture & Sculpture.

7. Greenery is another remarkable step which has been already taken by the authority by planting trees and taking care of those as well.

8. Development in the play ground section can be seen also which is helping the youth to build up good health and some multi gyms and fitness centre also adding extra boost in this case.The biggest example is Bibhuti Park Stadium in this purpose. The construction of gallery & Club Houses in the both end at Bibhuti Park are going on in full swing .

9. A 160 year old health care unit named Ula Public Dispensary & Matrisadan is running with its lightning glory and helping people 24 * 7. Chairman has planned to Improve the performance of this health care unit by implanting newest technologies & machineries into it.

10. Computerized system in almost every field had been introduced before to run the environment smoothly & speedily.

11. A new consultancy service has been started for various departments for helping the youth fighting back & to establish themselves in the challenging society.

12. Development in the Trade & Small scale Industry is catching the eyes these days as the people are getting the required support and encouragement from the municipality and other agencies. A lot of New Market Complex (Haat Market Complex , Nilkantha Mukhopadhay Block , Parasuram Market , Satish Chandra Market & more) have been constructed & running nicely as the merchants have got a great opportunity to get a shop there & to trade items and the customers are satisfied as they can purchase their required items inside the Municipal area.

Partha Kumar Chatterjee
Birnagar Municipality